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Nigerian Celebrities

Carter Efe embarrassed as he proposes marriage to a lady – VIDEO

A Caucasian lady surprises the notable Nigerian skit-maker, Carter Efe with an unexpected response after he proposed marriage to her.

During a live session on TikTok, the skit maker took an interest in his guest who was a white lady. Unexpectedly, she answered affirmatively that ‘he reminded her of her grandfather’ when the content creator asked if she would marry him.

The response greatly shocked Carter Efe, leading him to exclaim and insult her in Yoruba while the conversation between the two continued.

He asked; “Can you marry me”

She responded, “Yes, but you are like my grandfather.”

In other news – “Nigeria will fall if Kanu dies in detention” – IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra, on Wednesday, threatened that should its detained leader, Nnamdi Kanu, “fall in the hands of Nigeria, then Nigeria and her leaders will fall in the hands of Biafra.”

In a statement by its spokesman, Emma Powerful, the pro-Biafran group said it was disappointed in the United Nations, European Union, African Union and ECOWAS for keeping silent while its leader continued to be detained for almost two years by the Federal Government.Learn More

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