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Boko Haram killings: Borno residents boo President Buhari during visit

Boko Haram killings: Borno residents boo President Buhari during visit. Scores of Borno State residents booed President Muhammadu Buhari and his entourage on Wednesday.

Buhari is currently in the state on a “sympathy visit.” As he moved through town, the people shouted “Ba ma so, ba ma yi” in Hausa language.

The translation is English is “We don’t want, we are not interested.” As Buhari’s convoy passed, the crowd booed as they waved their hands in rejection. The president arrived Maiduguri after his arrival from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

His spokesman, Garba Shehu said the visit to Borno followed the killing of 30 persons in Auno. The terrorists, who stormed the area at about 9:50 pm on Sunday, also destroyed about 18 vehicles and abducted some persons

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In Other News – Pastor heals congregants with Beer and Sausage – Pictures

Religion is no longer as simple as it used to be in the days of Noah when he was told to build an arc by God. Prophets of today no longer hear God’s voice the same way Noah and other biblical prophets did.

Prophets of today use wrist bands, their pictures, detergents and many other things to do their miracles. Of late we have found a prophet who is said to be doing his miracle healings using beer, wine and meat.

Pastor heals congregants with beer and meat 10

Several pictures of this prophet have gone viral on social media and we are wondering what he really puts to his meat (sausage) when cooking it. Is it just normal meat or it is spiced with some healing powers or what is in that meat? Continue Reading

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