Bedroom talks with sis Noe: My husband does not cl!mate sometimes

My husband does not cl!mate sometimes.

Hi Sis Noe

IS it true that if I thoroughly wash my vagina after s.e.x, I won’t get pregnant? — Curious.


No, it’s not true! What you will have will be a very clean vagina but you can still get pregnant. Despite your washing, sperms could reach your cervix and travel up into your uterus and fertilise an egg. There are many different types of contraception besides condoms. I would recommend you both go for a s.e.xually transmitted infection screening at your local clinic or health practitioner.

Once you have been screened and given the all-clear, you can select the method of contraception that best fits your lifestyle. You may want to go on the pill or the patch, get injections, use an intrauterine device, or try the diaphragm, and so on. It’s best to evaluate these with your healthcare provider.

Hi Sis Noe

What can I do about my husband’s premature ej@culation? It is stressing me. — Worried.


Many men who ejaculate prematurely simply don’t recognise their point of no return. This is the point where, no matter what happens, a man has got to ej@culate because he is so s.e.xually excited. Through m@sturbation, he can start to identify this point, and when he reaches it, he should stop stimulating himself and relax for a bit before re-stimulating himself. The more he learns to hold back from reaching his point of no return, the more control he will have.

Then get him to develop his pelvic floor muscles, which also strengthen his ability to keep his erection. Suggest he focuses on your pleasure, so he is not thinking about how excited he feels. Slowly, through communication and these various techniques, he will be able to last longer.

Hi Sis Noe

My husband does not ej@culate sometimes when we have s.e.x. Does it mean he is cheating? — Worried.


Actually, a lot of men don’t reach orgasm all the time. In fact, it’s a s.e.xual misconception that men always org@sm — even if they don’t suffer from erect!le dysfunction. If their erection is functioning, there are many reasons why this can happen — from alcohol to drugs to feeling tired or stressed. In your husband’s case, he might insist that it’s his problem, but if it makes you concerned, it’s your problem too. Let him know that you will do anything you can to help because you want him to feel as much pleasure as possible.

Reassure him that s.e.x is also about sensual touching and foreplay; it is not always about the org@sm. Then leave it be. You can only say so much; then relax about it yourself. In the meantime, try to ensure that you both get quality time together and are well rested before you have s.e.x.

Hi Sis Noe

I am an 18-year-old girl, I wanted to find out when I should have s.e.x? — Curious.


S.e.x is very intimate. It’s not just physical, it can be emotional too. It is normal for teenagers to have strong s.e.xual feelings, but it doesn’t always mean you have to act on them. You can feel physically ready for s.e.x, but not be in the right relationship for any number of reasons. Because having s.e.x can be so emotionally powerful, it’s easy to get hurt. S.e.x is only part of a relationship.

There are other important things like trust and mutual respect, which should be in place too. Finally, for all its magic, s.e.x can have downsides, such as an unplanned pregnancy or STD, so make sure you are protecting yourself against those. You will know when you are ready.


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