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BBNaija20: Ka3na prefers older white men

BBNAIJA20: Get to know Ka3na

Ka3na has revealed that she cannot date an African man because she is used to dating white men and older men.BBNAIJA20: Get to know Ka3na

According to her, older white men are fun to be with, they love easily, have fun, enjoyable and not stressful like the young men who bring nothing to the table but bills for her to pay.BBNAIJA20: Get to know Ka3na

Lucy tried convincing her to marry but she said marriage is off the cards because she is comfortable with her kids. Unlike Lucy, she believes children alone can’t make a woman happy, there should be a man in the life of a woman so she will marry.

IN OTHER NEW:BBNAIJA20: Get to know Ka3na

Ka3na is part of this year’s BBNaija housemate. She is originally born Kate Jones. She is 26 years old entrepreneur.

According to her, she dreams of becoming famous and own the biggest luxury fashion bra… https://wp.me/pbDvr0-19e