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BBNaija 2020: The Saturday night party details

DJ Consequence set the mood for the 80’s highball themed Saturday night party.

From our go-to kings and queens of the dance floor to alcohol induced conflict resolutions, this week’s Saturday night party was a delight!

For the Lockdown housemates’ third Saturday night party, DJ Consequence took hold of the wheels of steel with a guest appearance by Ladipoe. Catch the highlights:

Erica, Tolanibaj, Prince, Neo, Praise, BrightO rule the night
It is safe to finally crown this crew the kings and queens of the party going by how they have taken the same energy into the third week of the show.

Eric and Wathoni hint on a possible ship


For the first time since the show officially kicked off, Wathoni took a few steps away from the mirror. Thankfully, recently single Eric was right by her side with hugs and a couple of dance moves.

An interesting bit to note is Eric might be getting a little too comfortable around Wathoni as the pair have been caught up frequent embraces.

Vee resolves beef with Wathoni

Alcohol is everything but on a fun night, the least we expected was it being a peace making influencer.

For the night, an obviously intoxicated Vee took the high road, walked up to Wathoni and made peace over their recent squabble over bed spaces.

Erica, Kiddwaya and Laycon’s triangle intensifies

Laycon proved to be the perfect gentleman during the party after dodging several alcohol influenced kisses from Erica but we certainly can not say same for Kiddwaya who let his hands stray constantly.

At this rate, their love triangle may blossom to animosity especially after Laycon revealed to Praise right after the party, that he could not trust Kiddwaya to not get intimate with Erica while under the influence.

Lucy finally gets a dance buddy
For the first time in weeks, Lucy got rescued from herself. After dancing alone for the best part of the party, housemate, Praise joined her for a few minutes.


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