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BBNaija 2020: Highlights from housemates’ Saturday night party

From couple drama to the fiery dance moves, here are five highlights you probably missed from this week’s Saturday night party.

Week five’s Saturday night party had the Lockdown housemates turn up like it was literally their last night in the house which is at least for some.

In case you missed the trending highlights, we got you covered!

1. According to popular opinion, DJ Obi under-performed

Going by Twitter reactions, the crowd-pleaser DJ Obi did very little to please the viewers.

Away from premiering Davido’s newest single, a plus for him, the DJ was accused of recycling songs right after his ‘when the music is nice, we play it twice’ line.

2. Vee and Neo had yet another couple fight

At this rate, viewers might as well draw out their notepads for all the times lovebirds, Vee and Neo have gotten into a petty fight over food.

This time, their session nearly ruined the vibe of the night as housemates tried to mediate to no avail.

Their drama lingered on to after the party with the sweethearts sharing their woes with other housemates.

3. Wathoni left the couch to the dance floor

Either DJ Obi got something right or the praise goes to BrightO for helping Wathoni loosen up. The usual couch potato showed off some moves on the dance floor for a change.

On the BrightO/Wathoni dynamic, the pair got entangled under the sheets on Friday night to the excitement of fans.

4. Nengi shrugs off Kiddwaya for groping her

Kiddwaya and Nengi had a shared awkward moment after the former reached for her backside in a move that was clearly too close for comfort.

Nengi reacted by knocking his hand off while allowing him some seconds to think about his bad choices.

5. Lucy and Praise went MIA during the party

Lucy dressed to kill for the night and Praise definitely knew just how to handle things. Amid dancing with other housemates, Praise dedicated some minutes to Lucy.

It appears the pair snuck out of the party towards its end for reasons viewers might never get to know.

Source: Pulse Nigeria

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