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Australian woman to be deported from China after jogging without Coronavirus mask

Australian woman to be deported from China after jogging without Coronavirus mask. The woman who was identified as Liang is said to have contravened the quarantine rules after returning from abroad then going out jogging without wearing a mask. In a footage released by the Chinese state-controlled media, the woman is seen ignoring police officers’ directives to go home after being caught outside without a mask.

An Australian-Chinese woman is facing deportation for breaking quarantine rules in Beijing after China put stringent measures in order to contain the coronavirus. Liang also lost her job at the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer after the viral videos showed her confronting Beijing police while breaking home quarantine.

“Instead of staying at home for the two-week observation as required, she was found running outside without wearing a mask, and did not listen and even shouted “help” when a community staff member tried to persuade her to go home,” the newspaper reported, adding that she did not obey until the police arrived and gave her a warning.

The Beijing municipal government announced that all people entering Beijing from overseas were to be transferred to designated quarantine venues for 14 days and cover the financial costs themselves.

The directive said that even people who stay alone are not allowed to take home quarantine except for some special cases such as minors, the elderly, and high-risk groups.

“As the first gateway safeguarding the capital, the Beijing Capital International Airport is facing mounting pressure from growing numbers of inbound passengers. Since February 29, 2,417 people with suspicious symptoms have been transferred to medical institutions after being screened by the airport customs, 127 per day on average. The number peaked on Wednesday with 479 people,” they said

China has embarked on what it calls ‘strict vigilance” against a re-seeding of the virus from abroad.

Source – iHarare

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