Apple fires 50 employees for failing to create a flip phone

Apple fires 50 employees for failing to create a flip phone. According to a website tech giant Apple Inc recently let go of 10 engineers and 40 other employees who were tasked to come up with a flip phone, in Apple’s partner factories in China.

The flip phone smartphone frenzy got giant smartphone producers like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and of cause Apple busy trying to beat each other by being the first to launch a flip smartphone. In 2019 these companies where racing discreetly to release the fold smartphones and flip smartphones and most of them failed.

Apple was unable to come up with neither the fold or the flip phone but it doesn’t mean they did not try. According to one of the fired employees, the budget for flip-phone research and production was outrageous, according to the 38-year-old engineer that was the biggest budget Apple executives have ever put out on a new project.

“Spies were hired to spy on Samsung flip phone progress and their strategies. This time we were not trying to wait and buy screens and other components from Samsung. We were supposed to do it from scratch which is a very unusual thing for Apple products.”

“It was a disaster because we tried to use two solid screens and they break after a few flips. Don’t expect a flip phone from apple for the next two years. We couldn’t do it right not because we were incompetent only because we are dependent on Samsung for many a component to make our phones work and the flip phone thing is too new.” Said Yhu Han a former engineer at Apple.

Yhu said he is not bitter that he was let go. “We blew the budget and failed to deliver for the whole 12 months, the executives wanted to wait and copy the technology from Samsung but a group of engineers wanted to do it by themselves and the budget was granted to us”

Source – TalkofNaija

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