All you need to know about Android 12 launch date

Google released the last and final beta build for Android 12 last week. At the time of rolling out the release candidate, the company said that the stable Android 12 update is just a few weeks away. Now, evidence gathered by XDA Developers points to an exact date when that might happen.

The publication got its hands on an internal Google document that lists the dates for when Google will stop approving software builds for new devices based on Android 10, Android 11, and Android 12. It also lists the AOSP release dates of these builds, including information for Android 12.

As per the document, the Android 12 AOSP release — the date when Google plans to put out the source code for the new software — is set for October 4. This is also when Google can be expected to roll out the stable Android 12 update. Why? Because previous stable versions of Android have also landed on the same day as their AOSP releases.

As XDA points out, Google released the source code for Android 9 on August 6, 2018, the same day as its stable release. Android 10 and Android 11 also hit stability on the day their source code was released.

This strongly suggests that Android 12’s October 4 AOSP release could also be the day we see the stable version of the software land on Pixel devices. If you can’t wait for the stable Android 12 build, you can always get the latest beta which is as close to the final thing as possible.

Source: News365

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