Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Adamawa Foundation sets free 18 inmates as they celebrate Mark Sanusi’s Birthday Anniversary

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Adamawa Foundation sets free 18 inmates as they celebrate Sanusi’s Birthday Anniversary. The National Chairman of Muassasatu Zawiyatil Darikatul Tijjaniyya sect, Sheik Ibrahim Abubakar Daware, disclosed this immediately after the release of the inmates on Friday. Sheik Ibrahim explained that the foundation paid bills of 18 inmates who were in custody due to their inability to pay their debts and fines.

Muassasatu Zawiyatil Darikatul Tijjaniyya sect in Adamawa State has released 18 inmates from the custodial centre in the state as a part of its activities to celebrate the inauguration of their leader, the 14th emir of Kano, Khalifa Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, and to mark his 60th anniversary.

“Today, we have released 18 inmates in the Adamawa Correctional Service over debt. “Our sect or muassa will pay the debt of those 18 released inmates. “Our reasons for their release are to express our joy over his inauguration of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as our Khalifa, and to celebrate his 60th birthday anniversary and to bring unity among both faiths.

“We released inmates of both religions, Muslim and Christianity, who were convicted for minor crimes such as debt and bail, but they were not engaged in any form of crime.”

He called for peaceful coexistence among both faiths, adding that for peace to reign people need to know why they were created in the first place.

He added, “If you want peace, make peace with your neighbours. You should look at your creation and other things created by Allah. If you are a black person, there are some parts of you that are fair likewise if you are fair in complexion.

“If you are a tall person, there are short people in your family and our fingers are not equal.

“Allah created us in such a way that we shouldn’t look down on another person. If you want to insult someone you should first insult yourself,” he stated. He called on other people to follow suit in releasing inmates who are being convicted because of debt.

The Khalifa had earlier paid a condolence visit to the Lamido’s palace in Yola and the Late Ahmed Joda’s residence.

Source – Daily Trust

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