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90-year-old woman dies from Coronavirus after refusing ventilator to save it for sick younger people.

90-year-old woman dies from Coronavirus after refusing ventilator to save it for sick younger people. Suzanne Hoylaerts from Lubbeek, Belgium told the medical team that she had lived a good life and she wasn’t worried about dying at all.

She told them it was better to use the breathing apparatus on younger people who needed it more than her. Her request implied that younger people than her still had much to live for.

In a bittersweet tale which has moved the world to tears, a 90-year-old Belgian woman refused to be connected to a ventilator to aid her failing respiratory system, because she felt younger people had better need of it.

Save it for the youngest [who need it most], I’ve already had a beautiful life.” Suzanne fell ill two weeks ago after losing her appetite and started experiencing shortness of breath but with no coughing or fever.

Her daughter Judith took her to the doctor earlier in March. Speaking to Belgian publication Het Laatste Nieuws, Judith said: “She had pneumonia and was hospitalised last year.” She was then referred to a hospital where the doctor in charge said her oxygen saturation was too low.

Suzanne tested positive for coronavirus and her daughter wasn’t allowed to see her as she lay being treated alone in the emergency room. Her last words to her daughter were: “You can’t cry. You did everything you could. I had a good life.”

With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly in Europe, a shortage of ventilators in most health centres have caused medical officials to make some patients a high priority than others.

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