8 Things your partner needs to hear more often

8 Things your partner needs to hear more often.

1. That You Like Having Them Around

Many people assume that just because they are in a relationship with someone, their partner knows that they must enjoy their company. While this is often the case, a simple “I love having you around. Just seeing your beautiful face makes my heart warm” can go a LONG way with certain people.

2. I appreciate You

It’s very important to express appreciation toward our spouses. Instead of finding fault all the time and nagging at one another about the things we don’t like, we need to express appreciation for what they do that’s helpful.

3. What They Bring To Your Life

Presumably, you are in a relationship with your partner because you like them and they bring value to your life in some way. So tell them about it. Because you’re so generous with your loving energy, I constantly feel taken care of and loved in our relationship.”

4. I can’t wait to be with you.”

This says, “I love being with you and miss you when we are not together. I think about you throughout my day and look forward to being at home with you.”

5. That You Find Them Attractive

You find your partner attractive on multiple levels. You can complement their physical appearance, say something like you look mesmerizing, beautiful, fantastic, stunning, ridiculously cute. I love your hair, outfit, legs and so on, or you can complement their character and personality

6. You are my priority

With time, we forget to put first who we always put first. It is in human nature to not value something when they have it but only when they don’t have it. Do not be like that and remind yourself how they are and always should be your first priority.

7. I was thinking about you.

It’s important to let your partner know that they are on your mind even when you aren’t necessarily in the same room. If you see something cute or funny over the course of your day that reminds you of your partner, let them know.

8. I love you:

Say it with meaning, don’t just blurt it out. And when you say I love you too’, make sure you really do. It is, indeed, the most important thing we need to make our partners feel loved.

Source – TalkofNaija

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