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10 Wrong Places To Look For Love In Nigeria

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To those in Nigeria who are single and searching and feeling unlucky or unattractive, check this out! Here are 10 wrong places to look for love in Nigeria.

1. Clubs and Bars
People go to clubs and bars to forget their sorrow, escape from reality, have fun and do nothing serious. Yeah, you read it right, nothing serious! You might get lucky that night but the next morning you realize things are not as they seem plus you were possibly drunk, or your so-called new catch a shaggi.

2. The workplace
Pleasure and business should not mix, it ends badly most time…you know, in premium tears. Rumours will spread like wildfire around in the workplace whether you like it or not and that will definitely affect you.

Whenever you have a misunderstanding with your partner things are likely to feel awkward and tense, and the working environment will now be warfare.

3. Weddings kiss
A lot of girls beg their friend’s friends to allow them to be the ashoebi at their weddings! Do you know why? To “enchant” the most vulnerable man there..and vice versa.

Most people come to this event showcasing their most lovely personalities while observing the other person. The best way to get to know or evaluate a person’s true character is meeting them when they aren’t showing off.

4. Dating apps
The internet is full of scammers, pretending to be somebody else just to make you fall in love and steal your money with deceptive means; be careful with dating apps. You might not know that white guy/girl you are tripping for is an oshodi boy!

5. Religious places
Now, this may sound absurd to some over holies. In Nigeria, a typical Sunday is when every wayward person, witches, wizards, prostitutes are human and carry big bibles! Those hookers will now be seen wearing long skirts, and closing their ever-open cleavages!

Armed robbers will head to churches with big sums asking to be prayed for so that Jesus can now shift for them to sit at the right-hand side of God.

Everyone in the church is smiling at one another! Who are you deceiving?

Everyone in Nigeria belongs to one religious body or the other, many people come to this place to find solutions to their problems, one of which could be a delay in marriage. Delay in marriage? After most of them have overused their youthful age!

Most people you meet in these religious places might be desperate and willing to act righteous and perfect just so you fall in love with them then they show you their true colours.

6. Nysc camp
In Nigeria, it is mandatory for every graduate to undergo a three-week training before posted to their various place of assignment.

Three weeks locked in a confined space can lead to boredom and feeling might start to spring up. Most persons will forget about you after the service. Learn to avoid Premium Tears.

7. Brothels
This is a patronized place for most men and women. Everyone who goes to a brothel is most definitely looking for a quick fun or a one-night stand, any love that comes up from such place will be built on insecurities forever. Avoid premium tears.

8. Drug Rehab facility
After suffering from a drug addiction problem and taking the bold step to seek help, it will be a very bad idea to look for someone to love in your facility. What you should be focused on his getting the right help.

9. Your street
We all have that beautiful girl or handsome guy in your street that you wish would fall in love with you so you can have a happily-ever-after. It’s possible but most times it doesn’t end well. As the saying goes over-familiarity breeds disrespect.

Avoid Premium Tears make you no go dey wear a suit to impress the girl in the sun. Avoid Premium Tears make mama no send you to go hawk fufu you refuse because you want to impress a guy next hood.

10. University or College
Looking for love in college might not be a good idea. First, the person is probably living far from you and will one day return and you might never see again and secondly, most people are unsure of their life partner and looking for love might be a distraction. Focus on your studies.

Source – Talk of Naija

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